For who is the GrowerApp?

For professional farmers, outdoor vegetable growers, farmers, fruit growers and other growers who want to record tasks in a fast, simple and practical way

For who is the CropAdvisorApp?

For all professional crop advisors who will work more efficient and easier to organize. Crop Advisors can opt for the Personal, Professional or Enterprise account.

How works the advice feature?

In the GrowerApp, the grower can authorize an adviser to his field. An authorized adviser can see the fielddata. In CropAdvisorApp the consultant can see the field details of the parcels on which he is authorized. This provides a great advantage compared to their current workflow. In addition, an adviser for creating a field and this advice does the grower in his GrowerApp and can immediately take over as registration.

How works a subscription for me?

You can choose from different accounts associated with subscriptions. The FREE account Grow Rapp and PERSONAL account CropAdvisorApp are FREE and unlimited use. Read more about the opportunities [prices & packages]

What can I do with the GrowerApp?

With the Grow Rapp you can register all activities on your smartphone. The app is suitable for all crops and all the work. In the GrowerApp is a list of current products containing up-to-date. You can link to your field a consultant and therefore you authorize him to see your parcel data. You can also receive advice than your adviser sends to you.

What can I do with the CropAdvisorApp?

In CropAdvisorApp you can see all parcel data from growers that you have authorized. You can also send growers a growing advice so you can quickly and efficiently can work. Because not all your growers directly with the GrowerApp will work, you can create a virtual grower lots and put an email link. The advice that you need to create an email is sent to the grower. This allows you to keep all your customers in the CropAdvisorApp to manage.

For which kind of phones will it works?

The apps work on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (including Samsung / HTC / etc). Android 2.3 >, iOS 5 & 6